Quais as vitaminas a tapioca possui?


Tapioca with Red Syrup


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3 Comments → “Quais as vitaminas a tapioca possui?”

  1. Luciano Augusto
    1 year ago

    Tapioca é um alimento feito a partir da mandioca, seria massa assada, para acompanhar café ou chá.
    Tem as seguintes vitaminas – carbo hidratos, proteínas. etc…

  2. brandonnnn
    1 year ago

    I like all the layers at the bottom. Did you have to drink this concoction?

  3. m kasahara
    1 year ago

    ha. i did not have to, but…i did. yikes. i certainly can’t complain that i felt hungry afterwards. ;)

    you can’t really tell, but there are little boba in there along with the syrup…and then i guess…milk? the red syrup tasted a bit like sucrets was the only problem, but the boba are so nice and chewy…

    when i ordered it, i was thinking of a vietnamese drink like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lucywardle/2152523475/

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